Top 10 Mega Rich Pastors

What if I told you there’s a tax-free legal line of work that has seen a good number of folk become mega-millionaires? Nope, it’s not the likes of Red Cross. This vocation is the righteous kind. What’s nobler than saving lives, you ask? Saving lost souls! Pastorpreneurs -as some dub them- have tipped the economic scale and has seen some religious leaders earn better than some CEOs of well-to-do companies. Talk of divine wealth! Here’s a roundup of the ten richest pastors.

10. Franklin Graham: $ 25 Million

(featured image courtesy Franklin Graham’s Twitter)

Franklin Graham is the son of beloved American Pastor, Billy Graham. In 2009, he took home a monstrous salary of $1.2 million and backed this up with $ 880,000 in 2015. This was from his church; Billy Graham Evangelistic Association & Samaritan’s Purse. Well, the parishioners must really be good Samaritans to cough up this kind of change.